About Support Young Talent

Support Young Talent (SYT) is a media platform that aims to provide young musicians with information, advice and exposure. Whether an artist is looking for educational support, the right people to talk to or needs to find a service at a rate they can afford SYT is here to help. Our services and events aid young musicians on the DIY scene, helping many to find their feet and sound.

SYT features some of the finest up and coming acts in the country and is consistently building a name for being the gateway for finding new musical talent. Finding opportunities for new artists is a priority for SYT. This includes working with the local music scene to promote bands to major labels and management.
The company was founded in 2012 and has rapidly gained traction through events, media channels and most recently our web platform.

"Over the last few years, I've met with multiple promotions, labels, organisers and music companies who have presented compelling strategies, but few as innovative and interactive as SYT. After recording a performance and interview with the company, my fanbase immediately began to grow. I would recommend their advice, promotion and professional standard of recording to any musician looking to expand their outreach." - Silences, (Musician) 2013.